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Paarl Dietitians recognise that everyone is different and what is suitable for one person may not be suitable for the next. Each person has their own preferences, goals and lifestyles and there is no ‘blueprint’ diet that will work for everyone since we react differently to the manipulation of our diets. Therefore, each consultation includes an individual assessment of an individual’s specific dietary, lifestyle and nutritional needs. This includes sending each person for blood and/or genetic tests to determine any imbalances or deficiencies present and identify any predispositions to certain types of illnesses in your family. Dietitians spend time with each of their clients which enables her to develop personalised meal plans and to provide advice that best suit each person’s own needs and preferences.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is usually a hour long. During this appointment the dietitian completes a comprehensive nutritional assessment including the following components:

• Anthropometric assessment: Measurement of height, weight, waist circumference, which are interpreted and compared to international standards recommended for the maintenance of health


• Body composition analysis: Body fat, muscle mass, frame size and metabolism (measured by means of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis)


• Biochemical assessment: The dietitian will consult any existing blood tests that have been performed. If there is a need for more tests, the dietitian can order them


• Clinical observations: Discuss underlying problem as diagnosed by your doctor or other reported symptoms and concerns will be addressed


• Diet history: A 24-hour food recall and food frequency questionnaire are used to assess dietary intake, food preferences, as well as lifestyle factors that need to be considered when compiling the meal plan.


Once the assessment is complete, nutrition education takes place. Nutrition-related concerns are discussed, any questions about conditions or symptoms are answered and an overview of the recommended nutrition principles and guidelines is provided. It is an interactive process and questions are encouraged for a deeper understanding and to correct any misconceptions. With the initial consultation you will receive individual advice and eating plan based on your specific problem and will suit your lifestyle. Our dietitians are highly trained with regards to the use of nutritional supplements and will include the use of supplements or Neutraceuticals according to specific individual needs, taking into account pre-existing medical conditions and blood and/or genetic tests.

​DNA feedback session

DNA test results can take around 3 to 4 weeks to be released and the reports are sent directly to Paarl Dietitians. As soon as the results are available you will be notified by us and you will be requested to book a 60-90 minute consultation. This consultation fee is not included in the test price.


The consultation will include the following:

  • In detail interpretation and feedback of your results

  • Development of and discussion around your personal diet, lifestyle, supplement and medical recommendations.

  • Personalised eating plan


Further follow-up sessions would often be required

Follow-up appointments

Follow-up appointments allow for the monitoring and evaluation of diet adjustments and progress. Successful strategies are identified and areas of difficulty are addressed to facilitate the achievement of goals. Changes to dietary treatment will also be made accordingly.  The number of follow-up appointments and time between appointments depend on each individual.


Research has found that follow-up appointments are essential to keep individuals motivated. Regular monitoring is associated with greater success, and so regular appointments are encouraged. Suitable recipes and further education will also be provided as needed. The duration of follow-up appointments is between 15 to 30 minutes.


Paarl Dietitians is a strictly cash practice. On payment you will receive a statement which may be submitted to your medical aid, where they may reimburse you according to your Medical Aid plan. Please note that partner consultations are welcomed and will consist of slightly longer consults; please contact Paarl Dietitians to discuss further. Individual costs will still apply to these sessions.

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